​I received my law degree from Stanford Law School in 1991, after getting a Masters in International Development from Brown University and my BA, summa cum laude, from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I have both basic and advanced training in mediation, I attend (and have presented at) annual seminars on mediation, ADR, school law, and other topics.  I am a member of the American, Colorado, and Boulder Bar Associations, the Mediation Association of Colorado, and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.  I also mediate special education matters for the Colorado Department of Education. 

I am fluent in Spanish and conduct bilingual mediations regularly.

I am 35 years married with 2 grown children.  When not mediating, I make documentary films.


Tweedy Law LLC

My Approach to Dispute Resolution

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Education & Affiliations

​I started as a patent litigator at Morrison & Foerster in Palo Alto, CA, and then spent four years clerking for courts in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and in Colorado.  Returning to Boulder to raise my family, I worked my way up to partnership as a litigator at Chrisman Bynum & Johnson, which merged with Faegre & Benson.  I left to form Robinson-Tweedy, a boutique real estate/construction/school litigation firm, which I managed for ten years. I started Tweedy Law to practice ADR full time in 2015.  Between 2011 and 2022, I was also a contract mediator for the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution.   My full CV is available on request.

As mediator, I begin by listening closely to counsel and clients in a separate, safe environment.  You are free to share the information most important to helping me understand the key issues in the mediation.  This sharing of information is completely confidential.  I ask each mediation participant how much of what they have told me I can share with the other side.  The answer can be all, some, or none.   Furthermore, the entire process is confidential and protected from anyone outside of it, and nothing you say or hear can be used later on in court.   

After each party shares his/her perspective, I offer suggestion and ideas for potential solutions to the problem.  My experience with complex lawsuits makes me well-qualified to mediate commercial, construction, and other business cases involving multiple parties and claims, insurance coverage considerations, and intricate fact patterns.  In mediation, information can be shared, key factual disputes pinpointed, assumptions tested, ideas explored, and concepts shaped into proposals for consideration by both sides.  This process can take place in a joint session of the parties – or, depending on the preferences of the parties or counsel, I can continue to meet with the parties separately.

The final stage of the mediation involves bargaining over particular aspects of the proposal under consideration.  Often, mediation participants can agree on an overall framework but disagree on details. At this stage, it is often helpful to think about the risks associated with both parties’ positions if the case were to proceed to trial. As a litigator for many years, I can offer my perspective on these risks.   In this way, participants can zero in on the key issues that are preventing settlement, assess the risks and values involved, and make an informed decision on whether to settle the case.​