Scheduling ODR Mediation

I have been selected by the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) to provide mediation to people who have been ordered to participate in alternative dispute resolution before their case is heard by the judge in court.  When I receive a referral through ODR, my office contacts the parties and schedules a date for the mediation session.  ODR sets the rates that are charged, and each party pays the same amount. 

Sessions last a minimum of two hours, but may be scheduled for longer.  They typically take place in the courthouse of the county where the case is pending, although other locations are possible, and if a party is living far away, telephone mediations are possible.

ODR Mediations cost $150 per party for the first two hours for domestic or District Court Civil cases, and $100 per party for County Court cases.

Parties who have been approved as indigent through the courts or through ODR receive a reduced rate of $30 for Domestic and District Court cases and $20 for County Court cases.  

To schedule an ODR mediation with me, please visit and fill out a referral form, specifying that you would like me as your mediator.  If you believe your income level qualifies for the reduced rate, please be sure to fill out the reduced rate request at the time of your referral request.