For privately-referred cases, my rate for mediation is $225 per hour for District Court civil and domestic cases, and $150 per hour for County Court cases. 

I offer a reduced rate for pro se litigants and represented clients whose annual incomes are less than $36,000 per year.  I do not need proof of income eligibility – an attorney’s certification will be fine.  When you are scheduling, just let me know that you or your client qualifies for this “modest means” rate. 

My typical time blocks will be half and full-day settings, unless a two-hour minimum is specifically requested due to the parties’ modest means.  This is in recognition of the fact that most mediations exceed the allotted time of two hours.

My arbitration and PC/DM rates are $250 per hour for District Court and Domestic cases and $175 per hour for County Court cases.

You can make a payment by check to:

Tweedy Law LLC

4845 Pearl East Circle Suite 101

Boulder CO 80301

Or you can pay by credit card by clicking the Make a Payment button to the left. 

​Private Mediation Services

** Notice** During the Coronavirus outbreak, I will be suggesting to parties the option of conducting mediations via telephone and videoconference wherever possible, in order to allow parties to avoid traveling to courthouses or other public spaces.  My scheduler will discuss these options with you when you schedule your mediation.

To schedule a mediation, please email