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** Notice** In the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak, I am still conducting mediations via Zoom videoconference or telephone. However, if all parties and counsel are fully vaccinated and all parties agree, I am also offering the option of in-person mediations.  My scheduler will discuss these options with you when you schedule your mediation.

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District Court/Private ADR Services

I bring 25 years of experience as a commercial litigator to the mediation process, helping parties understand the risks they may face if the matter goes to trial.  My experience with complex lawsuits makes me well-qualified to mediate commercial, construction, and other business cases involving multiple parties and claims, insurance coverage considerations, and intricate fact patterns.

My rate for District Court civil and private mediations is $125 per party, per hour, except in cases where any party's annual income or net business revenue falls below $36,000, in which case I charge $75 per party, per hour. 

I do not need proof of income eligibility – an attorney’s certification will be fine.  When you are scheduling, just let me know that you or your client qualifies for the reduced rate. 

My typical time blocks will be half and full-day settings, unless a two-hour minimum is specifically requested due to the parties’ modest means.  This is in recognition of the fact that most mediations exceed the allotted time of two hours.

My arbitration rates are also $125 per party, per hour.  

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