Check My Calendar

Click on the button to the left to see my upcoming calendar openings.  Once you find a day you are interested in, click on the "week" or "day" view to see my exact schedule for that timeframe.  The "month" view will often show an appointment in the morning without indicating whether it is a full or half-day. 

I mediate cases in Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, Adams, and sometimes Weld Counties, so an open slot on this calendar does not necessarily mean that I will be available at your desired location.  

ODR mediations are typically set for a two-hour minimum, although three hours is recommended for any case involving multiple issues.  Private mediations are set for either half-day or full-day settings. 

I do not mediate on Fridays, weekends or evenings. Court-ordered mediations typically occur in the courthouse of the county where the case is pending, though other locations are possible.

Appointments are made by sending an email to or by calling 720-582-0559 After viewing the calendar, you can return to this page by clicking the "back" arrow on your browser.