John Tweedy is an attorney and mediator with nearly 30 years of experience.  John received his JD from Stanford Law School, his BA, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and his MA in Sociology from Brown University.  He was appointed to the mediation panel of the Office of Dispute Resolution in 2011 and has mediated over 1500 cases involving divorce mediation, family and parenting conflicts, business disputes, construction cases, and real estate matters.  In 2017, John was selected by the Colorado Department of Education to a panel of mediators for special education cases.  He also maintains a private mediation service.    

      John has been married for 34 years and has two children.  When not mediating or practicing law, he makes documentary films.

   As a mediator, John Tweedy works to help people who are involved in disputes to gain more control over the process.  Especially in divorce mediation, John starts by listening closely to each party in a confidential environment, so that he can hear what's important to the people in the conflict, not just what the legal system deems relevant.  He then helps parties exchange key information, and develops person-centered ways to resolve the issues.  John believes that mediation offers people opportunities to find creative solutions that are better, and last longer, than decisions imposed by a court.
   John's empathic approach helps parties in divorce mediations, and other family and parenting disputes feel safe, manage their emotions, and focus on the greater needs at stake.  Years of practice in special education law gives John a special insight into kids' needs, especially kids with special needs.
John also brings his perspective as a commercial litigator into the mediation process, helping parties understand the risks they may face if the matter goes to trial.  His experience with complex lawsuits makes him well-qualified to mediate commercial, construction, and other business cases involving multiple parties and claims, insurance coverage considerations, and intricate fact patterns.
   John's rare combination of emotional intelligence, empathy, and legal acumen gives him a unique skillset to tackle a wide variety of mediations.